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The High technology and design built into CORLEN® Filament yarns and NYLON Filament yarns, give versatility and functionality. in many applications in which they are used.

CORLEN® Filament Yarns 

CORLEN® POY, FOY, Flat, Textured, Twisted and special filaments for fabrics used in apparel (inner, outerwear); automotive upholstery, covered fabrics, narrow wovens. CORLEN® yarns provide garments with the versatility and functionality required in modern times.

Nylon Filament Yarns 

Flat, POY, FOY (high affinity), Textured, Twisted and specialty Nylon 6 yarns with a silk touch, specially used for innerwear, underwear, outerwear, swimsuits, lingerie and hosiery. Nylon 6 textile filaments fabrics a soft and fluid touch, elasticity, resilience, luster and easy care.

Covered Elastomeric Yarns  

Elastomeric yarns covered with textured CORLEN® and nylon by a special process that give the resulting yarn high homogeneity, stability and enough elasticity so the woven fabrics made with them are considered under the high stretch and functional stretch concept.

Specialty Yarns 

Enka de Colombia S.A has developed new yarns from CORLEN ® and Nylon that give fabrics differentiated touches (wool, cotton, silk - like) or appearances (bright, jasper and rustic – among others).
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