The company received the Sustainability Award granted by Inexmoda in recognition of its work and commitment to a more conscious industry.

  • Within its participation in Colombiatex de las Americas 2024, Enka presents its portfolio of sustainable textile products, which contributes to the development of the fashion industry with less environmental impact.
  • Aligned with international industry trends, Enka offers EKO® Filaments that are RCS certified, guaranteeing that they are indeed manufactured from recycled PET bottles.
  • In this edition, the company continues to be part of Inexmoda’s Sustainability Route, an initiative that recognizes the most outstanding companies within the fashion system for their sustainable practices and their contribution to achieving a more conscious industry.

Medellín, January 23 of 2024. Enka, a leading company in the recycling of post-consumer PET bottles and the main manufacturer in the Andean region of EKO®Fibers and EKO®Filaments, presents its portfolio of sustainable products as part of its participation in Colombiatex de las Americas 2024. The company, which began operations of its fourth PET recycling plant in 2023, now has the capacity to transform 6 million bottles per day into high value- added products.  As of right now, more than the 68% of its products are made from recycled raw materials.

Among the products offered in the portfolio for this edition are EKO®Filaments, used in the production of knitted and woven fabrics that give the garments special feel, comfort, and color. Likewise, its EKO®Fibers are used in the manufacture of technical nonwovens (interlinings, carpets, shoe bases, abrasive sponges, filters and geotextiles), wadding, fillings (for pillows, cushions, and dolls), among others. These fibers enable the company to transform not only transparent containers, but also colored ones.

In order to offer high value- added products manufactured with the highest quality standards, Enka highlights that its EKO®Filaments have the Recycled Claim Standard (RCS) certification granted by Control Union Certifications that validates that this product has priorly been verified (independently) at each stage of the supply chain, from the recycled PET bottles to the very final product itself.

On the other hand, Enka highlights its Dope-dyed Filaments. This product does not only save water and energy, but at the same time, it does not generate discharges of pollutants into water affluents, saving up to 7,000 liters of water for each ton of dyed fabric. Moreover, with its Bio Filaments, Enka offers yarns manufactured with CiCLO® additives, a textile ingredient that helps accelerate the biodegradation process of polyester, a material that under normal conditions can take hundreds of years to decompose, making it degrade in approximately 3 years, and significantly contributing to the reduction of plastic waste and contamination due to the presence of synthetic microfibers in the oceans.

Committed to sustainability, the company is constantly working to find new developments and products that allow it to offer the industry more environmentally friendly solutions. In this regard, Enka provides the market with recycled nylon filaments, manufactured with post-industrial waste, achieving the recovery of raw materials, and avoiding the extraction of natural resources to produce new materials.

“Thanks to the high engineering and innovation, today we present at Colombiatex a portfolio of sustainable products through which we give a new life to post-consumer PET bottles, turning them into special yarns and fibers in order to manufacture T- shirts, backpacks, household products, and mitigating the impact of the fashion industry. Put it simply, this is what we call transforming the ordinary into extraordinary”, said Álvaro Hincapié, Enka’s president.

In the framework of its participation in the event, Enka recognizes that it has not been unaffected by the challenging context that not only the textile industry faces today but as well as the rest of the sectors of the economy. Consequently, the company continues to bet on sustainable and innovative products that allow not only to fulfill its objective of promoting recycling within the country and region but also to access new markets with high added value.

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