With this new recycling plant, the company will achieve double the environmental, economic and social benefits of PET bottle recycling.

  • Enka launches its new US$40 million bottle-to-bottle recycling plant for the production of EKO®PET resin.
  • The plant, which is located near Medellín Colombia, will allow the company to double collection levels from 3 to 6 million PET bottles per day.
  • With the operation of this new plant, 70% of the company's products will be made from recycled raw materials.

As part of its commitment to the circular economy, Enka launches its new bottle-to-bottle recycling plant with the latest technology, which, together with the existing plants, makes it one of the five largest PET recycling plants in the world. The new capacity will increase collection levels from 3 to 6 million bottles per day.

The company will also double the benefits it brings to the planet. Among them: energy savings close to the consumption of 600,000 homes comparable to a city like Cali, a 72% reduction in CO2 emissions, which is equivalent to removing more than 21,000 vehicles from the roads, and revenues of more than $130,000 million for the recycling sector.

"We are proud to announce the launch of our new recycling plant, with which we reaffirm our commitment to the circular economy as a fundamental pillar of our growth strategy. This leads us to recycle billions of bottles per year and to achieve with the new plant that more than 70% of our products are made with recycled raw materials." Álvaro Hincapié, Enka's president, affirms.

This plant, together with the previous one, has the capacity to transform post-consumer PET bottles into EKO®PET resin suitable for contact with food, is certified by Invima and FDA and will enable beverage brands to manufacture bottles that are 100% recycled and can be recycled an infinite number of times.

This launch is an example of circular economy that will allow Colombia to achieve collection levels similar to those in Europe. It is a fundamental step towards achieving the goals that the country has set in terms of collection and reuse of recycled raw materials.

Hincapié also stated that, "One of the great achievements we have had as a company is that recycling can be recognized as an activity that complies with the complete cycle of sustainability, allows the circularity of plastic materials, is profitable and generates social and economic welfare for waste pickers and their families".

Finally, together with its subsidiary Eko Red, Enka has the largest bottle collection network in the country with presence in 30 departments and more than 900 municipalities, which in turn benefits more than 100,000 waste pickers, who are accompanied in the dignification of their role, impacting their lives and those of their families.

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