For Enka de Colombia S.A. It has been a constant to maintain its processes at the highest technological level available. By

  • Enka participates in the trade show Andina Pack with its portfolio of sustainable resins, which allows them to offer the industry innovative and high value-added solutions so that brands can meet their sustainability goals and commitments.
  • This year, the company launched its new bottle-to-bottle PET recycling plant, which duplicates its EKO®PET capacity by 2.4 times, allowing it to meet the new needs of the packaging sector.
  • Within the framework of this fair, they will give the conference "Ecodesign for the recyclability of containers", on November 29 at 3PM in the Conector Hall of Corferias.

Bogota, November 27, 2023. Enka, a Colombian company with nearly 60 years in the market, leader in the recycling of post-consumer PET bottles, focused on circular economy, innovation and high engineering, announces its participation in the Andina Pack fair with its line of green and high added value products, manufactured from the recycling of PET bottles, which are offered to the market under the brand EKO®. These products not only contribute to reduce the environmental impact of packaging and containers, but also consolidate as fundamental solutions in the fulfillment of corporate goals and sustainability commitments of its customers.

During this year, Enka started up its second bottle-to-bottle PET recycling plant, which multiplies its capacity of food grade EKO®PET resin by 2.4 times, reaching a total of about 42,000 tons per year, allowing the company to meet the new needs of the packaging sector. This facility, together with the other recycling plants, increases collection levels from 3 to 6 million bottles per day, and doubles the benefits for the planet, such as energy savings of 92%, close to the consumption of 600,000 homes (comparable to having a city like Cali turned off), reduction of 72% of CO2 emissions, equivalent to removing more than 21,000 vehicles from the streets, and social benefits with revenues of more than $140,000 million for the recycling sector. All post-consumer bottles are collected through its subsidiary Eko Red, the largest collection network in the country with a presence in more than 900 municipalities, positively impacting the more than 100,000 people who make a living from recycling in Colombia.

Además de EKO®PET, entre los productos ofrecidos en esta edición de la feria, se destaca  EKO®Polietileno, resinas de polietileno de alta densidad (PEAD)desarrolladas con la última tecnología en reciclaje, aprovechando las tapas derivadas del proceso de transformación e indicadas para uso en empaques flexibles, extrusión e inyección de piezas; y EKO®Polipropileno, resinas de polipropileno fabricadas a partir de las etiquetas y usadas en inyección de piezas; con estos productos se cierra completamente el ciclo de la botella de PET posconsumo. Adicionalmente, se presentan las Resinas de Nylon 6, utilizadas principalmente para empaques flexibles para alimentos, recubrimiento de cables e inyección de piezas.

Álvaro Hincapié, presidente de Enka afirma que “Andina Pack es la plataforma que nos permite presentar al mercado, más que un portafolio de productos, la oportunidad de desarrollar industrias más sostenibles y comprometidas con la circularidad. Sin duda, una apuesta por el presente y el futuro del planeta, que cada vez más nos exigen innovar hacia modelos de desarrollo amigables con el entorno y la sociedad.”

Adicional a presentar su portafolio, el Gerente de Calidad de la compañía dictará el 29 de noviembre a las 3 PM la conferencia: “Ecodiseño para la reciclabilidad de los envases” en el Salón Conector de Corferias, quien explicará la importancia de considerar el ciclo de vida completo de los productos y cómo asegurar su aprovechamiento desde la etapa de diseño.

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