We signed a 10-year agreement with Postobón for the supply of recycled PET resin

  • In line with their sustainability and circularity strategies, Postobón and Enka signed a ten-year agreement for the supply of EKO®PET resin, made from recycled PET bottles, for the production of their new bottles.
  • This alliance will strengthen the implementation of the circular economy in the country, closing the PET cycle, a 100% recyclable material that can be recycled an infinite number of times, generating great environmental and social benefits.
  • The agreement will also increase the PET bottle collection rate in Colombia.

Medellín, December 14, 2023. Postobón and Enka, companies committed to PET recycling in Colombia and to the circular economy, signed a ten-year agreement for the supply of EKO®PET resin manufactured from post-consumer PET bottles, which is suitable for contact with food and is approved by INVIMA and the FDA.

In this way, Postobón reaffirms its commitment to the circular economy by working towards its goal of using 50% recycled raw material in its PET bottles by 2030 and supporting the recycling sector through inclusive productive chaining social programs such as FARO Postobón (Strengthening Associations of Recyclers), which comprehensively accompanies more than 6,000 recyclers. It also allows the company to advance in its sustainability practices such as, for example, the plastic neutrality of the Agua Cristal brand, the first beverage brand to be certified as Plastic Neutral in Colombia by Icontec, which means that it collects, uses, transforms and compensates the same amount of plastic material that it uses.

Enka has one of the largest and most modern PET recycling plants in the world; it recycles more than 6 million bottles every day and generates great benefits for the planet, such as energy savings of 92%, close to the consumption of 600,000 homes, a 72% reduction in CO2 emissions, equivalent to removing more than 21,000 vehicles from the streets, and income of more than $140,000 million for the recycling sector. All post-consumer bottles are collected through its subsidiary Eko Red, the largest collection network in the country with a presence in more than 900 municipalities.

"This agreement is undoubtedly an important step in advancing Postobón's commitment to sustainability and the circular economy. Thanks to the supply of recycled PET resin, we will ensure the circularity of the bottles and their use for the production of new containers. In addition, we will generate benefits for the recycling sector, which will result in improving the living conditions of thousands of Colombian families who make a living from recycling," said Miguel Fernando Escobar, President of Postobón.

"We are convinced of the transforming power of the articulated work between the different links in the chain to ensure the use of materials and make the circular economy a reality in the country. Thus, through this alliance, we ratify our commitment to sustainability, generating great environmental and social impacts, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary," commented Álvaro Hincapié, President of Enka.

This agreement represents a breakthrough in recycling in the country and seeks to close the life cycle of PET bottles, encouraging collection, promoting awareness of the importance of correct separation at the source and avoiding the use of virgin raw materials by taking advantage of the fact that PET is a 100% recyclable material and can be transformed infinitely many times.

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