In august 2022 we presented our Income Statement accumulated for the second quarter of 2022

Enka continues to present solid financial results with an accumulated ebitda of $33,087 million and net income of $20,307 million, maintaining adequate profitability margins and low financial debt.

Executed investments in the new EKO(R)PET plant project amounted to $84,000 million, close to 75% of the total investment, progressing according to the estimated schedules and budgets.

The new Single-Use Plastics Law increases collection targets for PET bottles and promotes the use of EKO(R)PET resins in beverage packaging, which further commits us to the development of the country's circular economy.

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Date: 8 - June - 2023

Dow and Enka sign alliance to create more sustainable packaging transforming the industry towards circular economy

In line with their sustainability strategy, Dow and Enka signed a three-year supply agreement that will allow them to continue advancing in the production of more sustainable packaging in the country with the manufacture of REVOLOOPTM recycled high-density polyethylene resin, suitable for flexible packaging. This product allows both companies to offer a circular solution for…


Date: 28 - February - 2023

Enka launches its new bottle-to-bottle PET recycling plant, positioning as one of the five largest in the world.

Enka launches its new US$40 million bottle-to-bottle recycling plant for the production of EKO®PET resin.The plant, which is located near Medellín Colombia, will allow the company to double collection levels from 3 to 6 million PET bottles per day.With the operation of this new plant, 70% of the company's products will be made from recycled…