The OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification is a worldwide unified control and certification system for raw materials, textile intermediates and finished products. Its objective is to ensure that no harmful substances are present.

The certification process was performed in the strictest classification which is class 1, which guarantees that the products can be used for baby and children's items up to 3 years of age without any health risk (baby clothes, bed linen, towels, diapers, hygiene products, etc).

This certification applies to the following products:

  • 2020OK1929 Polyester staple fiber in raw and white (for products with 100% PES)
  • 2021OK2692 Polyester staple fiber 100% recycled, in raw, white, green, black, white, green, black
  • 2021OK2694 Textured and twisted continuous filaments made from recycled polyester in raw and black
  • 2020OK1928 Polyester and polyamide 6 texturized continuous filaments, Polyester texturized filaments with elastomer (Lycra), Polyester and polyamide 6 texturized and twisted filaments, Polyester and polyamide 6 continuous filaments, Polyamide 6 technical yarn. Polyamide 6 twisted yarn (all in raw and black)

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