From January 18 to February 5, 2021 Enkaparticipated as an exhibitor at Colombiatex de las Américas, which due to the Covid-19 contingency was carried out digitally.

For this year, we presented innovative market solutions for the manufacturing of sustainable textiles that are part of our green-product offering, which includes EKO®Filaments and Biodegradable Polyester Filaments CICLO™.   Using CICLO™ technology, microfiber contamination is reduced through degradation in seawater and landfills to a rate similar to that presesnt by natural fibers such as wool.   The digital platform provided by Colombiatex de las Americas has allowed new clients from different countries who previously had not had the opportunity to participate in person, to access it. The phisical event is expected to take place in the second semester of this year at Plaza Mayor as usual.

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Date: 8 - June - 2023

Dow and Enka sign alliance to create more sustainable packaging transforming the industry towards circular economy

In line with their sustainability strategy, Dow and Enka signed a three-year supply agreement that will allow them to continue advancing in the production of more sustainable packaging in the country with the manufacture of REVOLOOPTM recycled high-density polyethylene resin, suitable for flexible packaging. This product allows both companies to offer a circular solution for…


Date: 28 - February - 2023

Enka launches its new bottle-to-bottle PET recycling plant, positioning as one of the five largest in the world.

Enka launches its new US$40 million bottle-to-bottle recycling plant for the production of EKO®PET resin.The plant, which is located near Medellín Colombia, will allow the company to double collection levels from 3 to 6 million PET bottles per day.With the operation of this new plant, 70% of the company's products will be made from recycled…