Our portfolio includes EKO®PET resins produced from recycled bottles, which can be used for packaging in contact with foods and beverages, and EKO® Polyolefins made using caps and labels, thus completely closing the life cycle of bottles.

EKO®PET is suitable to produce non-returnable packaging. Its characteristics enable it to be heated quickly in the extrusion and thermoforming units. To make this resin, we convert millions of post-consumed PET bottles, which provides significant environmental and social benefits, and closes the life cycle for this material.

Our EKO®PET resin has been approved for food-grade packaging by Invima, FDA, and EFSA. They have also been homologated by the main beverage brands in Colombia and the world.

Suitable for the following applications

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    Packages in contact with food and beverages
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    Sheets and thermoformed packaging

End-products applications

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