Audit committe members

The Audit Committee reports to the Board of Directors and is in charge of the assessment of the Company’s internal control. Hence, this Committee makes decisions on this matter and offers recommendations to the Company’s Board of Directors and Management.



  • Chairman of the Audit Committee 
  • Independent Member
  • President of Banca de Inversión SAS


  • Principal Member
  • Innovation Director of Grupo Nutresa


  • Independent Member
  • Strategic Projects Corporate Director of Phoenix Packaging Group
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Notwithstanding the applicable legal regulations or what Enka de Colombia S.A. has set forth regarding its Audit Committee, the Company shall abide to the following guidelines:



The Audit Committee provides employees and shareholders an e-mail so any person can warn or report possible violations in the Company regarding conflicts of interest and accounting or financial irregularities. This medium may be used with full confidentiality.

Senior management of the corporation

The follewing are the senior manager of Enka de colombias S.A.

President of Enka de Colombia since 2003. He has held several positions in the Company and several seats in other companies of the industrial and consultancy sector. He has also been a member of several Board in the country and guilds such as ANDI and Acoplásticos. He is an Electric Engineer, specialized in Finance, and attended several programs for top executives, such as the CEOs’ Management of Kellogg School in Chicago, Trends of Sustainability and Innovation at the University of Columbia in New York, Innovation and Sustainability at Silicon Valley, and Present Challenges and Future Keys at IE Business School in Madrid. He was recently awarded as Executive Entrepreneur of 2019.

A Production Engineer with a Masters in Administration from Universidad EAFIT, and Certificate in Administration and Management from Harvard University. He has a vast experience on the real and financial sector, especially on Investment Banking. He was the International Director of Financial Structuring of Investment Banking at Bancolombia, Assistant to the Financial Vice President of Industrias Estra, Senior Analyst of Investment Banking Projects, and Risk Management and Planning Analyst at Corfinsura.

Production Vice President of Enka de Colombia S.A. since October 1, 2003. He was the Staple Fiber CPU Manager and held several positions in the Company since 1981 as the Chief of Plant III Division (POC), Quality Control Superintendent of Plant II, Quality Control of Polymerization Department Chief. He is a Chemical Engineer from Universidad Nacional de Colombia.

Was the Comptroller Division Chief and has held several positions in the Company, such as Economic Planning Department Chief, Resins Technical and Commercial Development Department Chief, and BPU and CPU Quality Assistant. He is a Chemical Engineer from Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, with a specialization in Finance and a Masters in Business Administration from Universidad Eafit.

The Human Management Division Chief of Enka de Colombia S.A. since August 1, 2004. He was the Personnel Administration Department Chief in 2003. He is an attorney from Universidad Autónoma and a Business Administrator from Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia.

Internal control system

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The Company has an External Auditor appointed by the General Shareholders Meeting. This appointment involves the Board of Director’s recommendation to the General Shareholders Meeting and the analysis of several proposals that meet the quality and experience required to perform this duty at Enka de Colombia S.A.

The External Auditor should include in its report to the General Shareholders Meeting, all relevant findings, so that the shareholders, board members, President and investors have the information necessary to make the decisions required.

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The Company has a division in charge of the internal control of the corporation and the activities thereof, monitoring the compliance of legal regulations, internal policies and proceedings set forth. It also participates in the design of internal control procedures to be implemented within the Company, to properly reach its corporate purpose and goals. This division is independent of the External Auditor, although its work is conducted with the coordination and collaboration of this control body.

The reports provided by the Corporation to its shareholders and investors include, when necessary, the internal control activities developed as well as the relevant findings made.

SARLAFT compliance officer report

To comply with item g) of section 2.2.3 of External Circular 060 of 2008 of the Financial Superintendency, Mr. Jorge Andrés Hurtado U., Compliance Officer of Enka de Colombia S.A., presented the following report related to the activities of the Comprehensive System for the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing.

Imagen del informe del Oficial de Cumplimiento SARLAFT


Second semester of 2018



The Board of Directors is the Company’s Administration body comprised by Advisors chosen by the General Shareholders Meeting. Its operation and powers are found in the regulations under the Law and in the bylaws of the Corporation.


Ana María Giraldo Mira

Exponential Partner of Banca de Inversión S.A.S

Carla Podestá Correa

Innovationl Director of Grupo Nutresa

Alejandro Sanín C.

Energy Sector Consultant

Jean Pierre Serani T.

President of Investment Banking of Bancolombia

Diego Andrés Restrepo

Investments General Manager of El Darién S.A. - Ayurá S.A.S

Darío Gutiérrez C.

Independent Member

Exponential President of Banca de Inversión S.A.S

Rafael Ignacio Posada P.

Independent Member

Strategic Projects Corporate Director of Phoenix Packaging Group