One of the dreams we have been giving shape over time is to dignify the work of the recyclers, not solely because they are the base of our supply chain of recycled material, but for their constant commitment to caring for the environment.
Through different activities we have made with of affiliate Eko Red, our wish is to give value to the work done by environmental recoverers, and offer them assistance to grow as a sector that gains importance in Colombia.


Fotografía del testimonio ELEUTERIA CHAVERRA


Recycling is a way to make a living. It is important since it stops so many things from going to the landfill, cleaning the environment and helps to reuse things. Enka is a very useful company because it produces yarns from bottles to make fabrics for garments and carrying bags. For me it’s a very useful and good company because it supports us in the recycling process. I thank Enka because it helps and supports us a lot.

Fotografía del testimonio GLADYS JIMENEZ


Recycling for me involves many areas. For instance, to take care of the environment, and secondly, to create jobs. For example, I am a single mother, I have a son with a disability and recycling has helped me move on with my son. Besides, it helps me advise others. For example, I teach those that give me the materials to recycle how to separate the materials at home, and that multiplies since they teach their own children and neighbors. Enka is working with recycling, for example, with PET, and the entire process is focused on that because it gets a lot of material out of that package, for instance, carrying bags which I know are from here, they take the yarn which is nylon…many things. And I want to thank Enka because for several years now I have attended its courses with some girlfriends and the Company treats us well. Enka has been very important and provided us training and gear.

Fotografía del testimonio LEONARDO OSORIO JIMENEZ


Enka is recycling. Enka helped me with my wheelbarrow, and I enjoy and learn the courses it gives me. I like to go to their meetings to learn important things.

Fotografía del testimonio LUIS ALFONSO ZULETA


Recycling is very important since it provides a good setting in the city and it helps us to earn a living for our families. Enka is a very good Company since many people work there, so it gives many jobs especially. I hope the factory never closes and keeps growing. For me, Enka has been a Factory which has always helped me. How? By giving me a wheelbarrow since we didn’t have any means to carry the recycled materials. I love to visit Enka because I get a lot from it, I learn many things. Nowhere else have I been given so many classes, courses, and I enjoy going because I learn more every day, and as time goes by – the more I learn.

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“Re Costa Caribe” Movement

Alongside Postobon, Pepsi, Cola-Cola, Femsa and Bavaria, Enka launched a campaign to promote recovery, reuse and recycling in the Colombian Caribbean coast.


We participated in the Digital Version of Colombiatex de las Américas 2021

For this year, we presented innovative market solutions for the manufacturing of sustainable textiles that are part of our green-product offering, which includes EKO®Filaments and Biodegradable Polyester Filaments CICLO™.   Using CICLO™ technology, microfiber contamination is...
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We obtained the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certification

On Friday, December 11th, we received the certificates that authorize us to use the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 label for all Filaments, Industrial Yarns and Fiber products until December 2021.   The OEKO-TEX Standard 100 is a unified control and worldwide certification for raw mat...
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  • The quarterly results for 2020-Q3 show a strong recovert, with volumes similar to those of 2019-Q3 and an ebitda similar to those of 2019-Q3 and an ebitda higher by 4%.
  • The accumulated result presents an ebitda of $23,828 million (9.4% of sales) and a net profit ...
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